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August 24, 2011
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It was a chilly day on Rodadon, and
Ahsoka shivered and pulled her robe tighter. “Master Ti, why is
it so cold? Arent we right next to Tatooine and Ryloth? Those are
desert planets. “ Shaak nodded. “Yes but this is still a
separate star system. And just have a look at the star heating this
place.” She pointed to the yellow, orange dot rising in the
sky. “ Its small, and we're far away from it. I doubt it gets
above seventy degree's here.” Ahsoka nodded and shivered. “Well
I wish they would have told us this before they sent us out. Having
an open backed outfit isnt helping me keep warm.” Shaak
smirked. “Teen fashion betrays you hu?” Ahsoka smirked
and kept waling, then stopped dead. Her body stopped in time. Her
face was slightly disturbed and afraid. When master Ti noticed her
partner wasent beside her she spun around. “Ahsoka?” She
tilted her head slightly, puzzled. “What is it?” Ahsoka
breathed out and lowered her head a little, shaking her head to get
her bearings back. “The Sith...he's close. I can sense the dark
side.” Shaak instantly wet on alert, eyes panning the area for
anything suspicious. “Master, we must inform the others. We
wont be able to take him alone.” Shaak Ti nodded and spoke into
her wrist com. “Master Windu, Ahsoka has locate the Sith. She
believes him to be in this area.” While Master Ti rambled of
coordinates, Ahsoka looked dazed. She felt the dark side around
her...this planet was very strong with the dark side, and it effected
its people. This sith was a master at hiding she assumed. He most
likely knew every single crawl space for blocks. Lost in time,. She
wouldent have noticed the gunships arriving if the landing ships
hadent sent a cold draft under and up her robe. She shook her head
again and turned to meet the Jedi. Mace approached her and bowed his
head a little. “Excellent work padawan. I know you would be an
asset to this mission. She smiled and bowed her head. “Its only
due to Master Skywaker's training.” Anakin smiled and stepped
in. “But my master, she's a good Padawan. She's a fast learner
and a fantastic fighter. Truly one of the Jedi's finest.”
Ahsoka blushed  deeply, her cheeks a dark orange. Never had her
master praised her like that. Usually he said a few nice words and
moved on, but this...this wasent normal. She smiled, still
embarrassed and bowed to them.” Thank you master.”

Coda sneered in the shadows. His eyes
fixed in a cold glare. His cold, yellow eyes calculated the battle
grounds where the Jedi chose. His eyes widened a little at the mass
amount of Jedi brought to bear against him. Even the grand master
showed up. A chance to dual a chance he couldent pass up.
He jumped to the ground, and walked straight towards them. “Greetings
Jedi, I'v been expecting you.” The entire group faced forward,
hands all on their sabers. Obi-wan spoke. “Oh have you? Well,
We'd hate to disappoint you. I hope you don’t mind...we brought
a few friends.” The clones rushed out of the gunships and
pointed their weapons at the Sith. He smiled darkly and chuckled
darkly. “Now...time to see who is worthy to die by my blade.”
The jedi tensed “You are under arrest in the name of the Jedi
order, and the Galactic Senate of the Republic.” He smirked and
shot back. “Under what charge?” Mace had prepared for
such an answer. “Conspiracy of murder.” Coda grinned
evilly. “Guilty” He drew his saber at his side, taking
stance. The mass of blue and green sabers ignited, and the jedi stood
their ground. Coda began to jog toward them. Each time he gained
speed his grunts got louder. As he reached max speed, he let out a
blood curdling scream and lunged forward. The jedi charged him as a
whole unit. The first contact was Jedi master Tin. He blocked the red
blade, then side stepped when master Secura lunged at Coda's left.
Coda flipped his saber to his left hand and went reverse grip to
block the strike. He launched himself in the air and his boot smashed
itself into the Twi'lek's cheek. Her eyes closed in pain and she
stumbled back, her place replaced by master Ki-ada Mindi. Coda
punched the master in the jaw and then a swift jab to the stomach. As
Mundi doubled over in pain, Coda jumped and rolled of the master's
back, connnecting blades with master Ti. With his teeth clenched he
stabbed , then lifted the saber and swung downward from his right,
recovering quickly by pulling the saber back up in the same direction
and angle, catching the Togruta off guard. Before he could gore her
stomach, he was force pulled back to the group by Obi-wan. He let out
a roar and turned  to face the Jedi as he was pulled toward them.
With his spin he connected with Obi-wan's bade, then ducked down
rapidly as Ahsoka's blade swiped sidewards, trying to take his head
off. His movements were fluid like water. As soon as he dropped down
he leaned to his left, sending his heavy boot into Ahsoka's stomach,
but he didnt stop there. As the Togrtua stumbled back, Coda balanced
on his hands and pushed backward, his feet pushing her to the ground.
He took his hands off the ground and compressed his legs as she fell
backward. Pushing his muscles as hard as he could, he used Ahsoka's
body as leverage as she fell and pushed off her stomach with his
legs, sending her to the ground faster, but not only that, but it
launched him right at Obi-wan. He grinned darkly as he thrust his he
did a backflip, jamming his saber into Obi-wan's stomach. He yanked
his blade free from Obi-wan's body and retracted his blade as his
feet landed on Kenobi's shoulders. Once again he used his legs to
spring off the Jedi as he fell to the dusty street. By using the
force, Coda jumped out of reach by the Jedi. He landed perfectly and
slowly rose with a downward looking head, a dark smile on his face.
For a brief moment, it was completely silent. Half the Jedi looked at
Coda, and half looked to the Jedi on the ground, face to the dirt, a
smoking hole coming from his back.  

The Fight Had Begun.

Chap 7...The fight has begun. Just wanted to get this out if i do leave.

If i dont leave... plz read on.
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